Northwestern University-Small Business Owners

Northwestern University - Small Business Owners

Course Details

  • Age 7 - 9
  • Medium of Instruction English
  • Class Duration 60 Minutes x 8 Sessions
  • Date Aug 3 - Aug 13 (Tuesday to Friday)
  • Time 09:00 - 10:00 (HKT)
  • Class Size 10 - 20 Learners
Course Fee: HK$2,980
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In this course, students will learn to use critical and computational thinking to understand key aspects of small business ownership, including satisfying their customers, the role of banks and how to calculate costs and revenues. Small business owners must know their products, their customers and their balance sheets.

Course Features

  • Top-notch experienced teachers from the U.S.
  • Live lessons on Zoom
  • 2-week Live Classes
  • Full E-curriculum access in August
  • Interactive and engaging learning environment
  • Completion Certificate will be issued by Northwestern University
  • No geographical restrictions

Meet Your Teacher

Karley Sessoms

Experienced Educator and Entrepreneur for 21st Century Life and Career

Karley Sessoms is a Licensed Educator for the District of Columbia Public Schools and an Entrepreneur who owns and operates 21st Century Life & Career Skills educational enrichment companies. Ms. Sessoms has experience working in the public, public, university setting with over 10 years of business and management experience. She is also a certified teacher of English Language Learners (ELL)

Ms. Sessoms earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, with a minor in Business Administration.

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1. Learning materials and resources are designed by CTD’s special research team and scholars of years of experience. E-curriculum is accessible by enrolled learners through an online portal.

2. iCADEMY and Spredemy, collaborates with CTD, to provide professional services and offer immersive online live classes to students through hands-on activities and in-depth learning.

3. Students learn through practices, learn to be creative and open-minded. They can also share their ideas with the learning community. CTD instructors give individualised feedback to motivate students’ learning.

Northwestern University CTD Certificate will be issued upon successful course completion.

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