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English with General Sports II

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USD 1,799
(Deposit: USD 200)
Hong Kong
05 August 2019 (MON) - 16 August 2019 (FRI)
5 Days 4 Nights
Pure academic achievement is not our only goal! Pursuing interactive activities and collaborative group work is the best way to foster self-confidence as well as self-assurance, in addition to developing more advance English skills. Furthermore, a wide range of choice from volleyball, tennis, football, basketball to softball on the school's extensive sports fields, or even swimming in the pool. Impromptu games of dodgeball and benchball are also introduced and organised throughout the week.
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Course Highlights
  • native and TEFL qualified English teachers
    • experienced and well-trained teachers to ensure the quality and experience to learn English
5 days 4 nights
  • interactive and proactive learning 
    • all students are involved and are given the opportunity to practise their English amongst peers
21 Hours
  • valuable experiences studying at a leading boarding school
    • students from different nationalities are mixed
21 Hours
  • small class size
    • all students are well-taken care of inside and outside classroom
1 : 5
  • variety of evening activities
    • learning English outside classroom through interactions in activities
English & Sports

Accommodation Info

Harrow International School Hong Kong is a part of the Harrow Family and it has its roots London. Harrow has been one of the greatest names in English education ever since Queen Elizabeth I founded the school in 1572, and it has a remarkable history and heritage. iCAN is delighted to present you with such an impressive school, one that has produced world leaders including Winston Churchill and the first Prime Minister of India. Harrow International School is the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong, and with the school less than four years old, the new campus boasts first-rate, purpose-built facilities whilst embracing its location in Hong Kong.

Students will be able to enjoy the full range of these wonderful facilities including a 50-meter indoor heated swimming pool, a 4G AstroTurf pitch, finest quality modern classroom spaces, and brand new boarding houses.

Fee Included

.Classes including materials & hand-outs
.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
.Certificate of attendance and achievement
.Internet connection (subject to availability)
.Orientation and Graduation Ceremony


Travel Arrangement

Gathering Place & Time
Hong Kong Harrow International School & Monday 08:30

Dismissing Place & Time
Hong Kong Harrow International School & Friday 19:00