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The United States
The United States

Studying in the USA

The US consists of 50 states under its jurisdiction, Washing, DC, five autonomous territories, and the Commonwealth of the Outer Islands. The diversity and flexibility of both high school and tertiary education programmes allow students to enrol into the most suitable progression pathway.

The US higher education ranks first in the world in terms of facilities, teaching staff, teaching quality and education environment. American universities highly value their students and their education of the entire community. The US remains the world’s ground-breaking developments in technology, business and many more.

4 reasons to study in the USA

Worldwide reputation – high ranking universities

US education is world recognized with 31 universities ranked the first 100 in 2018 QS World University Ranking. The education in the US values ​ students' social participation, academic intelligence, strong extracurricular activities, positive attitudes toward others and proactive social participation, encouraging students to constantly ask new questions and inspiring their fullest potential.

Flexible education system – credit-based system

American high school is divided into compulsory courses (a hierarchical teaching system) and electives (interest and skills based system). US institutions of higher learning also apply a credit system, allowing students to have multiple exits points with credible qualification for further studies enhancing the flexibility and effectiveness in learning.

Diversity – multi-cultural and multi-racial

Not only cultural diversity is embraced, but also with the highest concentration of different races and cultures in the world. American classrooms encourage freedom to speak, help students get out of their comfort zones, become more open-minded, and expand their horizons.

Internationalization – better job opportunities and exposures

Many colleges and universities provide students with various internship opportunities in large enterprises, so that students have the access to the world's top 500 enterprises during their studies. Their internships in Wall Street, New York and Silicon Valley, California greatly improve the students' high-end portfolio upon graduation.

Education System

iCAN Services

Via iCAN overseas studies, with free consulting services, we provide the most suitable choice accordingly, and customised a plan for the study pathway. Our professional team are graduates of local or overseas universities with years of education related experience.

iCAN provides one-stop service from documentation,  institutions enrollment, interviews preparations, entrance exams, formal admission to accomodation arrangement, iCAN is committed to follow through to make sure students can adapt to well as soon as possible.