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Study Abroad

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Four Reasons to Study Abroad 

Gain New Perspectives and Expand your Horizons 

In the new era of the 21st century, globalization allow students to develop an inclusive worldview. Regardless of the faculty of subjects, being able to think from a multi-national perspective is essential to help face challenges and open to innovative solutions. Receiving another approach to education denotes being adaptive to various ways of teaching and research. The ability to see the world and issues through different perspectives are indeed unique and irreplaceable. This eye-opening and life-changing experience will enrich and expand your horizons undoubtedly. 

Boost Self-Confidence and Gain Independence 

From several months to a few years, living in a whole new environment among locals, taking public transportation, having local cuisines, adapting to the culture train one to become independent and self-assured. The adventure is learning about oneself, dealing with problems and overcoming hurdles in tough times. Combating unfamiliarity and frustration makes one a stronger person and shape one's characteristics. 

Great Job Opportunities and Looks Good on a Resume 

The international experience has appealed to many employers and multi-national conglomerate. Studying abroad differentiates one on interest, and also perhaps a second language, and probably the ability to overcome challenges and adapt to a new environment easily. Any kind of international experience looks good on a resume immensely. 

Give Competitive Edge and Learn a New Language

Stating in a comfort zone does not give you a comparative advantage, yet studying abroad and learning a new language, or even just to polish a second language would give rise to a new edge in the sense of cultural sensitivity, worldliness and independence. Being bilingual is a transferable and marketable skill to many employers. 

Study Abroad Services

Via I CAN overseas studies, with free consulting services, we provide the most suitable choice accordingly, and customised a plan for the study pathway. Our professional team are graduates of local or overseas universities with years of education related experience.

i CAN provides one-stop service from documentation,  institutions enrollment, interviews preparations, entrance exams, formal admission to accomodation arrangement, i CAN is committed to follow through to make sure students can adapt to well as soon as possible.