Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions



1. Agreement 

1.1 By completing and submitting the sign up form the student or his/her parent or guardian agrees to enter into a legally binding contract with ICAN. On receipt of the sign up form, registration fee and deposit, ICAN will confirm the availability of the course options and provide a booking confirmation which, once issued completes the formation of a legally binding contract between, you, the student, and us ICAN. The following terms and conditions govern that contract. 

By submitting your personal data you agree to the terms of our privacy policy which can be found on our website. 

1.2 The prices are as listed on the website unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing with

2. Application and Course Details 

2.1 Start dates and end dates 

The course start and end dates are set out on our website. These are the start and end dates unless otherwise agreed in writing or email by ICAN. The student must arrive on the start date at upon time unless otherwise agreed with ICAN. 

2.2 Course duration 

The minimum course duration is one week unless otherwise agreed in writing or email.

2.3 Certification and attendance

In order to receive a Certificate of Attendance you must attend the course and meet with the requirement of the school. Students shall not be admitted if they arrive more than 5 minutes late and will need to wait until the next break to join the lesson.

2.4 Late arrivals, holidays and absences

No refund shall be given if you are absent during your course or you begin the course late. There is no free extension to the course to make up periods of absence.

3. Payment 

3.1 Payment deposits and deadlines 

3.1.1 For all courses must be paid a deposit as stated on booking in order to confirm your place on the course. All remaining fees must be paid 60 days before the start of the course. Courses booked within 60 days of the start date must be paid in full at the time of booking. 

3.1.2 If any balance remains outstanding 30 days after booking the course, I CAN has the right to charge a 3% monthly finance charge on such balance and send such balance to a collection agency for collection (Collection fees may apply). 

3.2 Payment Methods 

3.2.1 Online Booking Payments will be processed using Stripe. You do not need to have an account with Stripe to be able to make online payments. Certain card companies do not allow payments via Stripe, so make sure to check with your card provider before making an online booking. 

3.2.2 The bank details for bank transfers are provided on the receipt of deposit. There is a surcharge when paying by credit card. To avoid the charge we advise that you pay by debit card or bank transfer.

Outstanding balances can be paid either via bank transfer or cheque, bank draft, WeChat pay or Alipay.

Any additional bank fees (either incurred by the student or by i CAN) are paid for the student or the parent/guardian. 

You will not be able to commence your course if the fees have not been fully paid. No refunds will be given for fees paid in part. 

4. Cancellation Policy

Once a booking has been made for the course, it is not possible to cancel within 45 days of departure. Cancellation between 45 and 90 days will incur 50% cancellation fee. If the payment was made by card or bank transfer, the refund process will normally take between 10 to 15 working days. As for cash payments, the refunds will normally take between 5 to 7 working days. 

4.1 Cancellations by the student

Any request for a cancellation must be made in writing using legible unambiguous English. 

4.2 Cancellations by i CAN

i CAN may cancel a programme due to unforeseen circumstances, industrial action, insufficient demand, a strike or any other restrictive reason. The entire programme fee shall be refunded if such a cancellation is made before the course start date. Partial refunds shall be made in cases where some parts of the programme have been delivered including the course, the activity course, accommodation, transfers, food and excursions. 

i CAN shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the student such as flights. i CAN recommends that the student take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover this unlikely possibility.

i CAN reserves the right to cancel a course at short notice due to insufficient demand. All fees will be refunded. i CAN is not responsible for any costs incurred. 

5. Changes and Amendments 

5.1 Changes and amendments made by the student

A minimum of 30 days’ notice is required for any changes and will be subject to availability. i CAN is not obliged to fulfil any request for a change or amendment to the booking and the student incurs an extra charge.

If the change is to a higher cost programme the additional will need to be paid before commencement of the course. 

If the change is to a lower cost programme no refund shall be given for the difference in cost. 

All changes need to be confirmed in writing by i CAN. 

5.2 Changes made by i CAN

i CAN reserves the right to alter the courses prices before the course start date in case of unpredictable or unforeseeable changes including but not limited to changes in the exchange rate, tax increases, an increase in transport costs or an increase in other supplier costs. If the increase is more than 10% of the rate confirmed the student may cancel the booking within 10 days of the increase. This must be done in writing and becomes valid once the student received the confirmation of receipt from i CAN. In this case all fees shall be refunded. 

i CAN reserves the right modify programmes, courses, dates, curricula, teachers, locations at anytime at its discretion. 

If the course is rescheduled before the start date and the new date is not suitable for the student all fees shall be refunded. 

6. Termination Policy

6.1 If a student wishes to leave or stop the course early (including during an extension) once the course has started no refunds shall be given.

6.2 Any deposits paid and cancelled by the student will not be refunded at anytime. 

7. Refunds 

7.1 Any refunds made subject to these terms and conditions shall be made via i CAN representative to whom the money were originally paid or to the student’s bank account, in the same country in which the fees were originally paid. Refunds shall be made within 30 days of the student being sent the written confirmation of refund. Any bank fees are the responsibility of the student and not of i CAN.

7.2 If for some reason the student is unable to attend the course, our refunds policy is detailed below. Unfortunately, all deposits are non-refundable. 

8. Conduct

8.1 You must comply with the laws of the locations of your school and abide by the rules and regulations of the school and its suppliers. You must behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards students, staff and suppliers and conduct yourself in a considerate way in the school’s location and on excursions. You must comply with all school regulations, rules and policies. Your course may be terminated without refund (including any associated activity course and/or accommodation) if you fail to abide by such standards of conduct. In addition to this the student agrees to 

i) Not damage or steal property belonging to I CAN, its suppliers, staff, other students or any other person.

ii) To fully indemnify I CAN or other relevant party for any lose or damage to property. This includes loss of room keys. 

iii) To treat any other student, staff member or supplier disrespectfully or with any form of discrimination.

iv) To not treat any other student, staff memebr or supplier disrespectfully or with any form of discrimination.

v) For students over 18 years of age to not smoke inside buildings or where requested not to.

vi) For students under the age of 18 to not smoke or drink alcohol at all during the stay. 

8.2 Expulsion

You may be expelled from the course (and any corresponding activity course and accommodation) if you fail to conduct yourself according to the standards set out in clause 8.1, you provide false or misleading information on your application form or other communication with the school, if you commit a criminal offence, fail to attend 80% of your lessons, act in a disorderly, drunken aggressive or threatening manner, do not adhere to the policies as laid out on the website, fail to pay an amount you owe, or conduct yourself in such a way which could risk bring the school into disrepute. No refunds shall be given and no assistance to return to your home country shall be provided. 

In this case of students under the age of 18 it is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians to ensure that the child is transported to the airport and to book onward transport. 

9. Accommodation 

9.1 Accommodation is based on multiple occupancy. Multiple Occupancy: 3 or more people sharing a room. Double room: 2 people sharing, Twin Room: 2 people sharing. Single Room: 1 people

9.2 Accommodation Deposit 

A refundable deposit of USD100 is charged on arrival for each student staying in any accommodation organised by i CAN. This is returned at the end of the stay provided there is no damage, loss or extra cleaning required. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to provide this to students under the age of 18. 

9.3 Arrivals and departures

Accommodation is booked in line with the courses dates as provided on the website unless stated otherwise in writing by i CAN. 

9.4 Accommodation may be changed without notice to alternative accommodation of the same or higher standard. 

10. Activity 

10.1 Conditions affecting the activities

i CAN cannot be held responsible for weather or surf conditions which may interfere with the students’ chosen activity course. 

If i CAN or our suppliers deem the conditions dangerous or if the conditions do not allow the activity to go ahead the course may be delayed or cancelled. Refunds shall not be given in this case. No refund will be given for students choosing not to do the activity despite safe conditions.

10.2 Activity Insurance

i CAN DOES NOT provide insurance. It is essential that students take out travel insurance to cover the activity he/she has chosen.

10.3 Activity conduct and compliance 

Students must conduct themselves according to the rules as set out in clause 8.1 above and follow all instructions and directions provided by the instructor or coach. A student may be removed from the lesson or, if deemed absolutely necessary for the protection of other students, the entire course if he fails to follow the instructions of the coach/instructor or if his/her behaviour puts any other person or any property or equipment at risk.

11. Travel and Excursions

i CAN uses the services of other agents such as travel agencies, coach operators, flights providers and hotels. i CAN cannot be held responsible for the failure of any of these companies to supply the services required or for any delays the services required, i CAN will make every effort to make alternative arrangements so that the course takes place or continues as per the schedule. 

Optional tours are offered on weekend tours at an extra charge payable during the trip.

12. Health 

12.1 You must accurately and honestly complete the medical section on the application form including any physical or mental illness, disability, allergy or other condition which:

i) May affect your ability to complete all or any aspect of your course, including the activity component.

ii) May impact the health or physical or mental well-being of other students, staff or supplier personnel.

iii) May require monitoring, treatment, any form of emergency intervention, specialised accommodation or any adjustments to the course.

i CAN reserves the right to refuse an application or terminate a student’s course if their continued enrolment could pose a risk to his or her health and safety or that of other students, staff or suppliers or if i CAN believes it is unlikely that the student will be able to effectively complete the course (and/or any activity component of the course). Refunds in such circumstances are at the sole discretion of the school.

i CAN is not able to provide trained staff to administer injections or medication including creams and ointments. Students needing such medical treatment must be able to administer it themselves.

Students must either give the medication to management for safe keeping or be secured in the students room. Notice must be given to i CAN if refrigeration facilities will be needed. This must be done on the application form before arrival and confirmed in writing by i CAN.

For i CAN to give children Paracetamol, parents must provide consent on the application form.

13. Immigration Regulations

13.1 It is your responsibility to ensure you fully understand and abide by immigration regulations in the school’s location. No refund will be provided if you are refused entry into the school’s location by immigration authorities.

13.2 Students are required to ensure they have the correct documents for travel to the destinations, including Passport and Visa which are required by some nationalities.

14. Data Protection

14.1 All data collected is done according to our privacy policy which can be found on our website. 

15. Descriptions 

15.1 i CAN believes that all information provided in the promotional material is factual and correct and has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of such material. i CAN will not be held responsible for any changes that become known after promotional material is published but will advise students of any material change of which it becomes aware.

15.2 Price and fees

All prices are listed on the website and are subject to change. Activities not listed on the website and private lessons can be arranged and in this case the price is confirmed in writing by i CAN. 

16. Travel and Medical Insurance

All students are compulsory purchase fully comprehensive travel insurance which covers the activity course the student is registered on and hand in the insurance receipt to i CAN 30 days before the courses start.

17. Photography, filming and sound recording

17.1 i CAN and/or its representatives may take photographic or video footage of students for marketing and promotional purposes in both printed and online format. If a student does not want to be filmed or photographed he or she must advise i CAN both at the time of booking and as the video or photography is about to take place. By accepting these terms and conditions the student (or parent/guardian for students under 18) provides consent to the use of such photographic of video material and no further consent is required.

18. Force Majeure

18.1 i CAN will not be liable in instances where it is not able to deliver any services to which they are otherwise contractually bound due to natural disaster, labour dispute, fire, a government act, industrial action, failure of supplier or subcontractors or any other reason which is beyond the control of i CAN.

19. Liability 

19.1 In all circumstances, for losses arising from a breach of contract, negligence or otherwise the liability of i CAN, its directors, employees, agents, partners and affiliates shall, except where liability cannot be excluded a matter of law, be limited to the full amount paid to i CAN by the student in question for the programme. The school and persons listed above shall not be liable in any circumstances for indirect or consequential damages or losses.

20. Students under 18 years of age

20.1 All agreement in these terms and conditions are between i CAN and students who are over 18 years old or the parents or guardians of students who are under 18. Additional rules apply to students under the age of 18 and these are explained on arrival and form part of the regulations by which students are bound. 

21. Miscellaneous

Brochure descriptions and prices are accurate at the time of printing but i CAN reserves the right to amend the itinerary as circumstances dictate although all advertised components of the tour will be included they may not take place in the order described. In the event that i CAN has to cancel any course due to insufficient number of bookings then a full refund will be given. Notification of cancelled tours will be given at least 12 hours prior to course dates. 

All courses information shows example itineraries to use as a guideline. Please note that the order we visit various attractions may change depending on the circumstances or time of year. Please follow the advice of your guide and make sure that you are at the various pickup points and departures at the correct times.

22. Copyrights

The images on this website are not a property of i CAN (except for watermarked images with logo of i CAN) but of the copyright owner. We respect the intellectual property rights of the owners and if you believe the infringement of your copyrights has occurred by our use of the images and would like to have them altered or removed then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take whatever action necessary for the removal or alteration of the challenged images on our website.

23. Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with, the laws of Hong Kong.


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